LoggerBot is a fully customisable logging bot allowing you to configure it to the fullest!

Setting Log Channels

With LoggerBot you can choose where you would like everything to log, or just certain events.


  • Setting up for all events: ?logs #channel
  • Setting up for certain events: ?logs #channel [event]
  • You can manage logs easier on our website
For a list of events, visit the events page.

Enabling and Disabling Events

LoggerBot allows you to decide what events you would like log, simply.


  • Enabling/Disabling certain events: ?config [event]
  • Enabling all events: ?config enableall
  • Disabling all events: ?config disableall
  • You can easily enable and disable events on our website.
For a list of events, visit the events page.

Clear Logs

LoggerBot allows you to quickly clear all your log configurations with 1 simple command!


  • ?clearlogs

Custom Prefix

LoggerBot allows you to customize your server even more with a custom prefix!


  • ?prefix [new prefix]
  • You can easily configure the prefix on our website.

List Logs

LoggerBot provides a command to see where all events log to, saves you time, right?


  • ?listlogs
  • You can easily see where events log on our website.

Log Information

LoggerBot allows you to get information on a log, this information includes the last user to moderate it, last time it was modified, where it logs to and a description on what it logs.
  • ?loginfo [event]
For a list of events, visit the events page.

Last modified 1yr ago